Our Mission: “Horses Healing Humans" exists to enrich the lives of people with special challenges through Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.

“Ambassadorable” LuLu

HHH has launched its latest equine therapy program, “AMBASSADORABLE” with Lulu, a 13-year-old Miniature horse completing Pet Partners Society Certification and beginning her Outreach Ambassador assignments. This Equine Activity Program opens itself to all needs within our community. At 34 inches tall, or 8.5 hands, Lulu is the ideal height for interactions such as nuzzling, being hugged, and allowing people to groom her. Other activities are available through HHH, depending on the needs and abilities of the group Lulu is visiting.

The Ambassadorable Sessions, 60 minute meet-and-greet sessions are available free of charge as educational opportunities to inform providers and the general public about the benefits of Equine Therapy Programs. Extended programs of six to twelve weeks are available by appointment at HHH’s facility in Stonington. Studies of the health benefits of pet ownership show that they help reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate, decrease depression, and reduce stress.  Because of this, animals are commonly used as therapy in hospitals, children’s hospitals, elderly housing, veterans’ and hospice programs. Lulu has learned and transitions beautifully through doorways, elevators, and patient rooms. Miniature horses bring joy and comfort to those who feel a special connection to the animals, or who may miss their pets they’ve had to leave at home.

As with all Therapeutic Riding programs, HHH relies upon its’ Board of Directors, supporters and staff to raise approximately 70% of our funding through fundraising events, individual and business donors, foundation and private grants, and sponsorships. Only 30% of funding comes from out-of-pocket program service fees.  With Lulu, the Ambassadorable, we our reaching out to our community and seeking to find  corporate sponsors to help us fund this tried-and-true program of promoting joy.

Lulu’s costs include: feeding, stabling, staffing, insurance, and transportation. We are seeking area businesses to help as Sponsors of our Ambassadorable program. There are four different levels of Sponsorship and every donation will be recognized on the HHH website.  Using this sponsorship form, kindly send Sponsorships of any size to:

Horses Healing Humans, 340 New London Turnpike, Stonington, CT 06378

or contact Lee Paradis leeparadis@gmail.com

The New London Day (Dec 26, 2016): Horses Healing Humans begins Therapy Program with Miniature Horse

Select dates available year-round. Please book at least 4 weeks in advance.


• Youth and Social Clubs (4-H,Girl & Boy Scouts etc.) • Civic Organizations (Lions, Rotary, Elks)•
• Assisted Living and Senior Centers • Hospitals • Nursing Homes • Long Term Care Facilities •
• Residential Programs • Adult and Child Day Care Centers • Corporate Groups •
• Public and Private School and Pre-School Programs • Families and Private Individuals •
• First Responders • Veterans Groups • Support Groups •

Single Visit Group Programs (90 min, Weekday Mornings, Year Round )

Farm Tour of Barn, Gardens, Sensory Trails, Art Studio and Therapeutic Facilities

Enjoy Hands-on Time with our Therapy Horses • Make some Equine Art

Learn about our Varied Programs for all ages and the Benefits of Equine-Assisted Activities

6 and 12 Week Group Programs (2 hours/ week, Weekday Mornings, Year Round)

Curriculum Developed to Suit the Specific Needs of Your Group

Hands-on Experiential Programs Providing Physical and Educational Components:
Grooming & Care • Equine Behaviors • Safe Handling Techniques

Educational Goals Reinforced • Increased Confidence & Self-Esteem
Positive Peer Interaction • Foster Independence and Problem Solving
Variety of Sensory Experiences provide a Rich Sensory Diet, Low Sensory Load

Norwich Veterans Center

UConn Avery Point

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