Our Mission: “Horses Healing Humans" exists to enrich the lives of people with special challenges through Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.

Annual Appeal


Because a Horse can Change a Life- Save a Life: Therapeutic Stride by Stride

HHH is determined to have a transformative impact on our community to change lives – to save lives through the enjoyment of Equine Activities and Therapy.

For the past 5 years, we’ve partnered with many compassionate folks like you to ensure that family, friends and neighbors with special needs in our community get the support they need to live happy, healthy, empowered lives. Our greatest accomplishment is helping these individuals find hope, happiness, and joy as their overall quality of life improves. Horsemanship skills are the vehicle, but what we really provide are learning opportunities and outcomes that translate to important life skills- independence, confidence, communication, responsibility, behavior and mood regulation, self-sufficiency, acceptance, social skills, compassion, grace. Our services provide physical and cognitive benefits that include improvements in strength, mobility, endurance, balance, problem solving, and motor skills- All while experiencing magical moments with horses.

Asking for help is hard- largely because we know resources for many of you are as stretched as ours. But, as advocates and stewards, WE DO ask- because State and Federal cuts in Mental Health and Social Services have come just as we are seeing an increased demand for Therapeutic Riding and Equine- Facilitated Psychotherapy services. While the incidence of physical and cognitive disabilities and challenges has remained roughly the same, the number of clients needing Mental Health and Psycho-social support has increased dramatically, as traditional therapy is not reliably providing effective solutions. There is also greater demand for limited Grant funds, so grant awards are smaller and less predictable. More than ever, this year we need your help- without adequate funds and volunteer support we are hard pressed to meet the growing need and demand for transformative Equine Therapy Services in our area:

Evidence-based, peer-reviewed research shows that Equine Therapy WORKS. We see it- we know it.

We are deeply appreciative of all the wonderful donors, Board members, staff and volunteers who have given their time, talents and treasures to help us achieve the successes of the past 5 years- and cannot thank them enough for their dedication and past generosity. We ask your help to make next year equally successful as we rise to meet the demands of our special needs and underserved populations on an ever-tighter budget. I pray you will continue to support us as we grow and expand to provide life-altering, life-saving services to an increasing number of children, adolescents, adults, and US Veterans. Your gift is tax deductible- Check with your accountant for more details.


With warm wishes, blessings, and eternal gratitude,

Lee Paradis, Founder, Executive Director,

Horses Healing Humans, Inc.

HHH is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-profit Charitable Organization FEIN 45-2275677