Our Mission: “Horses Healing Humans" exists to enrich the lives of people with special challenges through Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.

Fees and Payment

Lesson fees cover only a small portion (30%) of our expenses which include instructor and health professional salaries, facility and maintenance costs, equine leases, feed, veterinary and farrier care, insurance, professional fees and association memberships, continuing education, legal, administrative, and marketing costs. The real cost for us to provide a 30 min lesson is over $170, and $330 for 60 minutes. We try to keep our fees reasonable by subsidizing 70% of the actual costs through fundraising.

Payment may be made by depositing cash or check (clearly labeled with client’s name and lesson type) at the Barn or Office, or by mail to:    Horses Healing Humans, Inc., 340 New London Turnpike, Stonington, CT 06378


Therapeutic Riding (Group): $50/30 min, $80/1 hour (12 weeks – $600/$960)

Therapeutic Riding (Private): $60/30 min, $90/1 hour (12 weeks – $720/ $1080)

Therapeutic Carriage Driving (Group): $50/30 min, $80/1 hour (12 weeks – $600/$960)

Therapeutic Carriage Driving, (Private): $60/30 min, $90/1 hour (12 weeks – $720/ $1080)

Equine Assisted Learning (Group): $50/30 min, $80/1 hour (12 weeks – $600/$960)

Equine Assisted Learning (Private): $60/30 min, $90/1 hour (12 weeks – $720/ $1080)

Equine­-Facilitated Psychotherapy: $60/30 min, $120/1 hour (per session)**

Able-­Bodied Community Lessons: $50/30 min, $80/1 hour (12 weeks – $600/$960)

Able-­Bodied Volunteer Lessons: $30/30 min, $50/1 hour (12 weeks – $360/$600)
(Schedule permitting – requires minimum 5 hr/week consistent Volunteer service throughout semester)

Large Groups (coming together as a single unit): 4-8 Participants – $300/ hr, 8-12 Participants -$500/ hr

PAYMENT IS DUE at beginning of each semester. **We offer a 5% prepayment discount per semester if entire semester is paid in full PRIOR TO first lesson by check or cash. Sorry,we cannot apply discounts for Credit Card payments, Service fees of 4% will be added. Discount does not apply if Scholarship funds are awarded.

BROKEN APPOINTMENTS ARE CHARGED AT FULL FEE unless sufficient notice and emergency reason are given.

HHH currently accepts HUSKY insurance (must be primary) for EFP** participants only. At this time we cannot accept HUSKY for any other services. All other insurance carriers will be charged out-of-pocket.

PRIVATE LESSONS: As demand for services grows, we have fewer times available for private lessons and they are necessarily reserved for clients who must, for medical or behavioral reasons, ride in a private lesson. We will consider other private lessons for an additional fee IF time is available and does not interfere with services for other clients.We have found the social benefits of group lessons to be a very important aspect off our lessons to our clientele.

We have limited funds to provide partial Financial Assistance to those with demonstrated need. Fund availability varies throughout the year and is not guaranteed. Preference will be given to clients who ride year round and/or have not previously applied for assistance. (Details below.)

Financial Assistance and Scholarship Opportunities
It is the goal of HHH to make our services available and affordable to all applicants accepted into the program regardless of ability to pay. This is only possible through the generosity of supporters and Foundation Grant funds accrued throughout the year. As our ridership grows, and economic conditions remain difficult, limited scholarship funds must be spread over a greater number of participants. We strive to assist as many riders as is possible. Funds are awarded as a percentage of semester fees once the participant(s) is accepted into the program and scheduled.

HHH Financial Assistance is strictly need-based, subject to existing funds availability, and is awarded in the form of credit toward tuition for scheduled services up to a maximum of 50% of the Invoiced amount. Individuals and Groups are encouraged to contribute at least 50% of the billable fee per rider.
**70% of each and every lesson is already subsidized by HHH to keep tuition affordable for all.
New Students should submit Financial Assistance Application with Registration Forms.
Approved funds will be awarded once student has been accepted into the program and scheduled lesson time confirmed. Applications for existing students will be reviewed Quarterly.
Please submit a new application AT LEAST 1 month before the beginning of each semester for optimal funds availability.
** Consistent attendance throughout the semester is required for support.
** Multiple unexcused absences will void all scholarship awards.

For Potential Donors: Gifts can be made to the General Scholarship Fund in any amount, or given as Special Recognition Awards that celebrate and memorialize the contributions or Attributes of a particular HHH Supporter or Participant.

Download the application HERE.


HHH Special Recognition Merit Scholarships
Given at the End of Year Volunteer Appreciation Event
Youth Volunteer of the Year- Awarded to a volunteer under the age of 18 who has demonstrated reliability, commitment, dedication, and willingness to learn over the course of the entire year. 50% off 1 Semester Able Bodied or TR ½ hr weekly lessons
Rider of the Year- Awarded to a rider who has demonstrated enthusiasm, reliability, commitment, and perseverence to attain and surpass set goals and objectives over the course of the entire year. 50% off 1 Semester, ½ hr weekly lessons
Parent of the Year: Awarded to a parent who has dedicated themselves to the support and success of HHH programs and services. May be awarded to the rider of their choosing in their name. 50% off 1 Semester, ½ hr weekly lessons
*** These awards are determined strictly by the Scholarship Committee