Our Mission: “Horses Healing Humans" exists to enrich the lives of people with special challenges through Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.

Our Horses

Our Horses

 Our Equine Partners are the shining stars of our programs. They live in as natural an environment as possible with full turnout, and when not working they meander around the pasture areas munching, dozing, or just “hanging out”. A natural pecking order exists between them which helps them to know who is in charge. To keep them happy and comfortable in their work, each horse receives individualized care, varied schooling, feeding, and supplements as well as regular Equine Sports Massage Therapy. We practice natural horsemanship and holistic methodologies, acknowledging the horse’s sentient nature, understanding equine non-verbal communication, and respecting each horse as a partner rather than an instrument. Each horse is handled in a manner best suited to their individual temperament, and paired with people they will be most comfortable with.

Current Herd Members


 “Amber” a.k.a. Natural Ambrosia

An Appendix Quarter Horse mare (part Quarter Horse, part Thoroughbred) whose build and temperament favor her Thoroughbred bloodlines. She has been the long time riding partner of HHH’s founder Lee Paradis. Previously from a Quarter Horse show barn where she competed successfully in Hunt Seat discipline but was not well understood, she now enjoys her job away from the competitive arena. She is very sensitive , expressive, and honest; qualities which make her an ideal partner for our Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy sessions and other unmounted programs.
DOB: May 21, 1999   Height: 16h   Weight: 1050




A petite Quarter Horse pony mare who spent many years as the family pony before joining our program. With her stalwart “I Got This!” attitude and her people pleasing desire, she loves working with lots of new friends.
DOB: 1989  Height: 14.2h  Weight: 900







This Clydesdale is truly a gentle giant. His former career at another therapy center prepared him well to transition to our program. His sturdiness seems to calm those who may otherwise be nervous on a horse. His sweet personality always wins the shyest ones over.
DOB: 1998   Height: 17h   Weight: 1500






A Quarter Horse gelding originally from South Dakota. He moved to the East Coast 10 years ago to be a trail and companion horse before finding his way to our program. He has steadfastly carried many riders safely through years of trails and pleasure rides. He even spent some time teaching beginner lessons in New York state. He had surgery several years ago to correct a severe lameness and he is now lending his strength and resilience to our clients.
DOB: 1997   Height: 15.3h   Weight: 1300



“George” a.k.a SF Four On The Floor”

An Arabian Saddlebred Gelding, George is the new kid in town. He has been the longtime horse of HHH Volunteer Director Kara Tedford. He successfully competed at local Arabian shows as a Hunter Pleasure horse. Since then he has enjoyed many trail rides and working with new riding partners. Sometimes too smart for his own good, George’s playful personality and curious nature have already grabbed the attention of volunteers and riders.


D.O.B.: 2005    Height: 16.2hh



Hanz website “Hanz”

A Norwegian Fjord gelding whose laid-back, easy-going demeanor and wide build make him a wonderful partner for our participants who need the most assistance in maintaining balance physically and emotionally. His two-toned Mohawk makes him a standout in the field and a fashion favorite!
DOB: 1991   Height: 14.1h   Weight: 850





A 13 year old American miniature mare, Lulu has spent most of her life as a mother. She spent the last few years as a pasture ornament with her buddy Suki before coming here. She loves to be groomed and meet new people. She very much lives up to her job traveling to visit new places as an “Ambassadorable!”

DOB: 2004  Height: 36″  Weight: 300





Maggie is a Quarter Horse Mare. Her pretty face and long mane grab the attention of many farm visitors. She spent time at her previous home going on many trail rides. Many of our more advanced riders have enjoyed teaching her the ropes of her new job and increasing her athleticism.

D.O.B. 2004  Height: 15.2hh







Renee is a good-natured Red Roan Quarter Horse Cross Mare on lease from the Sylvestre family. She had several years of experience helping beginning riders gain greater confidence and independence at SJ Ranch Riding Camp before becoming a full-time member of our team.
DOB: 2002 Height: 15h Weight: 1100







Shamu is an affectionate all-around pony! Although fairly small in stature he is rugged enough to carry most of our students and provides a wide base of support to help with balance. He is willing to do anything and moves forward readily with a very smooth gait. Whether you need a big couch for equizen, a Steady-Eddie for beginner trotting patterns, or are ready to start canter transitions or jumping, he’s your guy!

DOB: 2000 Height: 15hh





A 13 year old Halflinger mare, Suki was rescued by her previous owner several years ago as a riding pony for her granddaughter. She has survived a serious tooth infection that required surgery and now works in a bitless bridle. She is one smart cookie and is figuring out the ropes of her new job well!

DOB: 2004 Height: 12.3h Weight: 900





Past Herd Members



Welsh Arab cross who loves to drive! A veritable energizer bunny, she is happy to be groomed all day or pull the cart for miles. She may be small in stature, but she more than makes up for it with her huge personality!
DOB: 1982 Height: 12.2h Weight: 575
Deceased: 2017





Neville“Neville” a.k.a. Invest in Royalties

HHH Neville is a registered Quarter Horse gelding. He was brought to the HHH program from a RI private barn where he had been a show horse and had been competing in Dressage. His registered name is “Invest in Royalties”, and we believe we have done well to invest in him.
DOB: 1997   Height: 15.3h   Weight: 1000
Deceased: 2014






Princess is a 15h Flea Bitten Gray Standardbred Mare. She was one of our original Therapy Horses and has made tremendous progress from her former career as a Sulky Racing Trotter to our mounted riding program. Her honest nature and confident attitude makes her a lovely beginner independent horse.
DOB: April 12, 1986   Height: 15h   Weight: 850
Deceased: 2015



Ruby website“Ruby” a.k.a. UC Broadway Show

Ruby is a Bay Morgan Mare from the UCONN Morgan breeding program. She was our very first Therapy Horse and 2012 Horse of the Year. Diminutive in size but a huge personality, she gives each rider exactly the experience they need on any given day – a great teacher! Ruby is also trained to drive and can be very mischievous – AKA “Houdini” as she is able to open many doors and gates.
DOB: April 4, 1993 Height: 14h Weight: 800
Retired: 2016


Seven“Seven” a.k.a. Tierra

Seven is a Flaxen Chestnut Black Forest Draft Mare. She is a bomb proof, kid friendly, gentle and experienced trail horse. Our Students call her “Seven” for the Rocking Seven brand, the fact that she was our 7th Therapy horse, and the first clients she worked with were a group of 7 female Veterans….and to some she appears to be 7 feet tall! She is best loved for her temperament of gold.
DOB: 1995 Height: 15.2h Weight: 1220
Retired: 2016