Our Mission: “Horses Healing Humans" exists to enrich the lives of people with special challenges through Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.

Programs and Services

Programs and Services Currently Offered at HHH

Benefits of EAAT Programs

Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapy (EAAT) is a collective term for various methodologies used to promote healing of mind, body, and soul. There are numerous professional and scientific publications attesting to the advantages of these programs, such as:

  • Physically, the horse’s 3 dimensional movement creates a dynamic effect of the rider’s body by stimulating the pelvis and trunk in a manner that closely resembles the normal human gait. This movement produces specific physical changes in the rider that normalize muscle tone and improve posture, balance, coordination, and endurance.
  • Sensorily, the close proximity to the horse and the surrounding environment offer a wide variety of sensory input, including movement exploration, sights, sounds, and smells associated with the equine experience.
  • Emotionally, individuals achieve increased self-esteem and self worth through overcoming fear and anxiety, learning and achieving new riding and un-mounted skills. Human and animal bonding build strong relationships between team members of participant, equine, staff and volunteers that are an integral part of the positive mental health experience.
  • Cognitively, the horse is a strong motivator for participants, helping them with processing, focus, remaining on task, following multi-step directions, color, number, and word recognition, reinforcing existing skills and learning new ones.
  • Socially, student benefit from an excellent opportunity to interact with peers, equines, volunteers and staff in a physically and emotionally safe,  positive, and enjoyable environment.
  • Behaviorally, the participant learns to modulate his/her behavior, recognize behavioral changes occurring, and employ coping strategies
  • Spiritually, the horse-human bond helps ground individuals in the present and raises self awareness. The interaction with the horse and nature have a profound positive effect upon the spirit and soul of all who work with them.

Therapeutic Riding

mountedMounted programs for children and adults are designed to meet the specific physical, developmental, and emotional goals of each client in conjunction with parents, Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Mental Health Professionals & teachers to develop evidence-based programs best suited to the participant’s needs . All personal information is held strictly confidential. Physical and emotional safety are top priority. Riders may progress from requiring a horse leader and 1 or 2 side-walkers to independent riding skills. Certified PATH, Int’l Instructors assisted by Volunteers trained in horse and rider safety create a valuable bond with their students.

**Safety note**
All Equine activities require boots with at least 1/2 inch heel. (No steel toes – if stepped on accidentally steel-toed boots can cause greater injury.) Sneakers and sandals are unacceptable. All mounted work requires use of properly fitted Safety Helmet. Please wear comfortable, close-fitting long pants that allow ease of movement – no shorts, skirts, or capris unless riding on a bareback pad. Jeans or riding breeches preferred.

Defending Ann Romney: Horse Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis is Legitimate, Says Patient

Ann Romney, on horseback, explains therapeutic riding.

What is Therapeutic Riding?

We Can Ride: Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic Riding

Learning to Ride as an Adult

For beginning or returning Adult Riders. Adult Riders have unique needs when learning to ride that require an adaptive method for maximum success. Differences in posture, balance, strength, mobility and confidence can hinder the learning curve enjoyed by children. This program helps assist the adult student to loosen up, relax, strengthen muscles and improve position in order to ride safely and securely without fear of injury. Safety practices unique to needs of adult riders are taught.
Individual or Group Sessions with PATH, Int’l Instructor.
By appointment

Never Too Late

Littlest Cowboy/ Cowgirl (preschool)

Lead line Lessons for children age 4 to 6. Start your little one safely. Includes basic horsemanship and grooming for little beginners. The focus is on safety, balance, confidence and FUN! Individual lessons only. Parents encouraged to participate as side-walkers/ leaders- parent training included. A lovely experiential program for parent and child to share.


Focusing on balance, breath, relaxation and restoration through Yoga-inspired exercises on Horseback. Incorporating the healing effects of QiGong and Reiki with the benefits to both horse and human of physical touch. Open to all, regardless of ability or equine experience. By Appointment. Initial evaluation required.


Therapeutic Carriage Driving


Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) and

Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) Programs

Co-Facilitated by PATH, Int’l Certified Instructor /
Equine Specialist in Mental Health and
Licensed Mental Health Professional.

W.I.T.’s End – (Women In Transition)

Women experience numerous transitions throughout their lives that are eased by the Horse-Human bond because of their sentient nature. Life transitions include job changes or loss, divorce, mourning, self-affirmation, self actualization, empty nest or post-partum depression, physical and and emotional trauma of any kind. Individual or group sessions developed to reflect individual needs and goals.
Minimum 4 weekly sessions recommended.
Individual or group sessions with PATH, Int’l/EFP/EAL Certified Instructors, and Licensed Mental Health Professionals

Bridge over Troubled Waters – for Youth at Risk

riderprogramsProgram helps students learn responsibility for self and towards others, accepting consequences, personal accountability, self esteem, and confidence building. Problematic attitudes, behaviors, or patterns are revealed by the sensitive interaction with the horse. Powerful exercises bridge identification of these challenges with self-discovered solutions. Based on proven EAGALA and OK Corral EFP methods. Includes mounted and un-mounted activities. Recommendation from guidance, mental health professional, or social worker required. Minimum 4 weekly sessions recommended. Individual or group sessions with PATH, Int’l/EFP/EAL Certified Instructors

Scratch and Sniff-A Multi-Sensory Experiential program

newownerIntroductory unmounted groundwork for novice students or to facilitate a reconnection with horses. Have you always had an interest in horses but don’t know where to start? Have you been away from horses for a while and desire to “get back into it”? Just need to touch a horse and inhale their scent? Spend individual quiet time bonding, grooming and caring for one of our generous, kind and gentle horses, then working on on-line horsemanship skills together. Heighten your senses, discover your 6th sense and connect to the healing energy of the horse. In inclement weather, will be conducted indoors.
Individual or group sessions with Certified Instructor.
Excellent preliminary program before progressing to any mounted work.
By appointment.

Confidence Makeover-Conquering Fears

Have you always admired the beauty of the horse but your fears hold you back from interaction with them or from riding? This program allows step-by-step progression through understanding horse psychology and behavior and building confidence through observation, knowledge, patience, practice, consistency and repetition to assist you through road blocks. In inclement weather, un-mounted exercises will be conducted indoors.Minimum 4 sessions recommended.
Individual or group sessions with Certified instructor
By appointment

Teal Ponies

Domestic and Interpersonal Violence Prevention


Equine Arts

Therapeutic Art that expands expressive opportunities and evokes the same physiological response as direct equine interactions


Pink Ponies:Breast Cancer Survivor Rehabilitation Program horse pink ribbon

This program enhances the recovery of breast cancer survivors from the physical and emotional trauma of the disease and its treatment. Using human to horse skin to skin contact and the three-dimensional movement of the horse, the client is led through a gradual progression of gentle exercises designed to meet the client’s energy level, starting with merely mounting and lying upon the horse.

Combined with gentle yoga, meditation, music and art therapy, clients reconnect with beauty and grace, heal emotional scars, learn to feel again (physically and emotionally), regain trust, composure and confidence, improve blood circulation and oxygenation, respiration and blood pressure, as well as to improve balance, strength and endurance. By appointment. 4 weekly 60 minute sessions


Say “Whoa to Bullying” Program

This program provides rehabilitative therapy to enhance the recovery of Bullying survivors. Combined with yoga, meditation, music, art, and journaling, clients heal emotional scars, regain trust, composure & confidence, improve balance, strength and endurance, and self esteem.By appointment. 4 to 6 weekly 60 minute sessions.


Sexual Trauma/MST Survivor Rehabilitation Programbw woman horse

Women who have experienced Sexual Trauma/ MST have the opportunity to test new possibilities in many areas of life by taking initial risks in relationship with another living being before taking greater risks in human interactions. Herd observations help them recognize emotional distress and point out parallel dilemmas in their own lives- such as separation anxiety, relationship dependence, and expression of emotion. They discover how their body affects the horse, and allows them to feel from the waist down, where they have shut off all feeling. They learn effective communication skills, self-worth, and personal integrity.

The horse is sentient, empathic, and non-judgmental. Women who have learned to expect rejection, harassment, and abuse find trust and respect. By appointment. 4 weekly 60 minute sessions.