Our Mission: “Horses Healing Humans" exists to enrich the lives of people with special challenges through Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.


Pattys aneurysm and HHH

Above is a link to a personal testimony on how HHH has positively impacted their health as well as life. Do not be afraid to give our healing environment a try for yourself.

“I love HHH and can’t say enough good things about how positively my life has been impacted by this farm and program. I have recommended HHH to several clients and will continue to spread the word.
This is truly a healing environment and is a wonderful blend of horses and caring humans. The volunteer work I do here is just as therapeutic as my riding lessons, and I always look forward to my time at HHH!”

-Libby B., 2017

“My children have been blessed enough with the opportunity to try a new form of therapy here. What an amazing experience not just for them but for our entire family. ” Horses” went from being something Unknown to a staple in our home .. Thanks to Ms. Lee and all the staff for being nothing short of amazing.”

-Nina D., 2016

“What an awesome experience I had with Horses Healing Humans. As a child I rode and cared for horses, as I grew older I involved myself with other interests but never lost the love I had for horses, After my stroke in December 2010 my life and interests ultimately changed. I found myself wanting to be around these amazing animals again. The setting and Farm are just beautiful. Meeting Lee, all of the horses and everyone involved with this program was an honor .

Ruby was my therapy horse and she was perfect! I felt safe, confident with just enough challenge, Lee worked with me and my strength and even got me into a trot! The tears were inevitable first of all since I was so emotionally happy to be back on a horse and was so proud that I physically had enough strength and balance, all that I had worked so hard to get back after having the stroke to trot once again! Lee and Ruby helped me bring that confidence back. Thank you! I know you will bring happiness to many people through this healing process as it has done for me.”

~Nina Gunn

“Our recent visit to the farm was a great experience. My friends and I are following Parelli Natural Horsemanship, and are very impressed that you are incorporating it into your horse’s programs and we think it shows in their work ethic. As well, we are impressed with the professionalism, kindness, knowledge and insight of you and your staff. We were relaxed by the atmosphere, and comforted by your demeanor. Nina especially came away with a real feeling of joy and accomplishment that day! She indicated that she’d rather come see you less often (due to the hour + drive) than go some place closer more often, just to interact with you!

We look forward to seeing you again soon, and will recommend you to anyone in need of horse facilitated therapy.”

Kimberly Miller Nadwairski

“The level of dedication at Horses Healing Humans is fantastic. I’ve been an occasional client for a few months, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. You obviously have put great care into developing your programs and it shows in your wonderful horses and happy staff. Loved the Mutual Choosing exercise and working with Princess. I am much more aware of my communications with animals and humans alike. Hope to be able to come more often in the future! Thank you!”
-Danielle Moritsky

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. I’ve been disappointed in the past by a program that did not have the level of knowledge or safety measures that you have shown. Horses Healing Humans was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the credentials, knowledge, experience and quality of service I received was outstanding, and the experience was lots of fun. You have clearly spent a great deal of time gaining the knowledge and training that makes you so qualified to do this incredible work. Your lessons were well thought out and appropriate to my daughter’s needs. She is stronger and much more focused, and so proud of her new skills! Keep up the good work!”
-Rachel M. Dean

“To Lee and the entire staff of HHH (both human and equine),Thank you so much for helping me progress with my stroke recovery in such a caring yet professional manner.”
Love, June x o x o

“Thank you HHH for making me feel so comfortable when I’m on a horse. I never thought that I would ever ride again, but with the absolute patience and guidance from Lee and Kathryn, my confidence is building every week!! Thank you again for this wonderful program!!!”
-Mary Ellen Pugliese

“I cant thank you enough!! for being there!!! The moment my 5 yr. Old Grandchild Ashley took Lees hand I knew everything would be alright!! The positive impact one half hr. made in our family was noticeable right away! Looking forward to a long relationship!!”
-Charlotte Danz