Our Mission: “Horses Healing Humans" exists to enrich the lives of people with special challenges through Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.

Equine Services for Heroes (ES4H)

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man” – Winston Churchill

“A cowboy is a man with guts and a horse” – William James

Equine Services for Heroes (ES4H) at HHH
Half-Day Mini-Retreats for Veterans, Active Duty Military, and First Responders experiencing PTS, TBI, Anxiety and Mood Disorders will be offered at HHH on the First Saturday of each month from 1 – 4 pm.
Following Coffee and Registration, participants will view a short Documentary “Riding My Way Back” about one soldier’s journey from the brink of suicide to productive and fulfilled new life through the power of the horse-human bond. The group will then proceed to the barn to meet and interact with the horses in several exercises, then share a communal lunch and discussion.

Mini-Retreat participants will then be invited to attend weekly unmounted sessions on Saturdays from 2-4 pm to refine their relationships with the horses and further their horsemanship skills while supporting each other.

All ES4H services are provided free of charge to participants as part of ongoing HHH Outreach programs. Please contact Lee for more information: leeparadis@gmail.com

PATH Int’l Equine Services for Heroes: Cowboy Up!

NARHA ( now PATH, Int’l ) developed the Horses for Heroes program to assist military veterans through services provided by NARHA members and by providing leadership and guidance for equine assisted activities and therapies. Veterans of any age can benefit from the program and by being involved with equines. Cowboy Up! combines horse therapy, wellness and vocational rehabilitation to Veterans and active military who have sustained physical injuries or combat trauma (PTSD) during their time serving our country. From day one, Veterans are hands-on with our horses as well as participating in other aspects of farm life.
Individual or group sessions with PATH, Int’l/EFP/EAL Certified Instructors and Licensed Mental Health Professionals

Medical Services-Integrated Plan of Care
Physical, Occupational, Speech / Language and Art Therapists apply Hippotherapy and Healing Arts modalities in conjunction with traditional treatment modalities to effect desired functional outcomes. Interdisciplinary Therapies enhance Therapeutic Success with elements of: Yoga · Reiki · QiGong · Tai Chi · Guided Meditations, Affirmations, Visualizations · Music and Visual Art Therapies·

Mental Health (EFP) Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy
Licensed Mental Health Professionals and Certified Equine Specialists in Mental Health provide Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy and Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Experiential Mental Health Sessions. PTS · TBI · Anxiety· Depression · Reintegration · Substance Abuse · MST · Anger Management

Therapeutic (Adaptive) Riding and Carriage Driving
PATH, Int’l Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors develop individualized programs that meet specific therapeutic goals. Therapeutic Riding and Carriage Driving provide a rewarding physical, recreational, educational and leisure experience while working towards improvements in : · Posture · Strength · Mobility · Flexibility · Pain Management · Cognition · Socialization · Self-Regulation · Overall improved health and quality of life.

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)
Seasoned instructors have collaborated to develop vocational / educational curricula to facilitate development of life skills and personal growth through educational sessions, equine interactions and equiculture.
Benefits of EAL include:
∙ Improved confidence, self-esteem, through caring for and communicating with the horse
∙ Enhanced self-awareness of how behaviors affect others
∙ Improved understanding of the role of non-verbal communication cues in our interpersonal interactions
∙ Increased self-worth through strong teamwork, solid work ethic, and camaraderie while interacting with others performing equine care, farm management and skills-building activities.

For Initial Evaluation and Enrollment, please contact:
Lee Paradis, Executive Director, leeparadis@gmail.com

To Volunteer, please contact:
Kara Tedford, Volunteer Coordinator, hhhctkara@gmail.com
Background Check, First Aid/CPR/AED Certification and on-site Training Required

PATH Int’l Equine Services for Heroes (ES4H) / Blackhorse Equestrian Center/ Vets R&R



Physically, the movement of the horse provides physical input that mimics the normal human gait, regenerates neural pathways, provides sensory input, and stimulates all body systems. Horses are sentient, intuitive, social beings that sense feelings, emotions and intent. The horse facilitates discovery by acting as a mirror in which clients recognize themselves and their behaviors. This allows appropriate changes to be implemented to develop self-discipline, confidence, self-esteem, accountability, trust, responsibility, patience, improve communication skills, strengthen relationships, and improve emotional control.

Learn Jeremiah’s story.

Articles and Stories About PATH International Equine Services for Heroes
(formerly known as PATH International Horses for Heroes)

April 2012: “Horses for Heroes: Finding Support on Stable Ground” in Fayette Woman

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February, 2011: PATH International Horses for Heroes Photo Essay by Martha McNiel at Dream Power

November 2010: This video was filmed in October 2010 and was shown on KTEH-TV in California the week before Thanksgiving. Jeremiah Ridgeway, a US Army Calvary Scout with the 10th Mountain Division, served 15 months in combat in Afghanistan. He is now a civilian working with the VA and with Dream Power Horsemanship (San Martin, CA) PATH International Horses for Heroes.

March/April 2010: U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs magazine, Vanguard, highlights the story “High in the Saddle” (pages 16-19)

Fall 2009: PATH International Strides Magazine story, “Heroes on Horses: Partnering With Veteran’s Groups”

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May 11, 2008: Haverill Gazette story, “Shaking the Horrors of War”

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July 4, 2007: CBS Evening News Story “The Horses of Arlington”

April 2007: North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, Inc. Establishes “Horses for Heroes” Program (press release)

Fall 2006: PATH International Strides Magazine story, “I Will Never Leave a Fallen Comrade.”